Seashell wind chime

I’ve been wanting to make a wind chime with beach findings from every place I’ve been in the world and I finally finished it. I call it memory art (is it weird that I call still remember how and where I found many of the individual pieces?), and the driftwood is from my favorite beach in Sweden. I didn’t drill in any of the seashells but only used the ones with natural holes in them. The wood background I built is approximately 1 x 1.20 meter, I scorched and stained the planks to make them look vintage. Can’t decide if I want to have lights on it or not but I’m very happy it’s finished!

Seashell wind chime


Rock pendant

Beaded pendant I made for my mother with Lake Michigan rocksrockpendant

Necklace beaded rock

This is a different kind of beaded rock that I like to make. I found the pebble on a Lake Michigan beach, hand painted the middle and then beaded around it and made a matching chain.